TV5 Sponsorship

CAFE de Manila and CHOCO de Manila are making noise in the entertainment industry. Stars from TV5 are going crazy over ICG’s coffee and choco products. One of them is Ms Nina Jose, a tv actress/model who admitted that she is a proud user of CHOCO de Manila, she said to the staff of the show that she consumes one box of the product in less than one week. The company penetrates main media networks to promote and advertise the product in the market as ICG is engaging to sponsorships to some TV5 shows. As for now, Jose and Wally show is enjoying the free vendo stand of CAFE de Manila and CHOCO de Manila placed in the taping set. Not only the actors and actresses of the said network get to experience the free taste of the products but also the crew, staff, directors, audience and the whole production of the show. ICG is also giving away leaflets of the health benefits of the products, making awareness to the people about healthy lifestyle, encouraging everyone to use our own Filipino-made drinks and how their money purse can be benefited by drinking and patronizing the said products. ICG Leaders and Dealers should take pride of CAFE de Manila and CHOCO de Manila. You can watch out for our product logos being shown after Jose and Wally show on TV5. The comedy show airs every Saturday after Talentadong Pinoy.
Mr. and Ms. Island Philippines

CAFE de Manila and CHOCO de Manila took part in the first-ever Mr. and Ms. Island Philippines 2012 held in Ynares Gym, Pasig City last June 23, 2012. The Marketing department of the company was in full force for the event. ICG products stood out among other major sponsors as the crowd gathered and rushed after the vendo booth just to taste the coffee and choco drinks. But before the main pageant, candidates went curious as they found out that the products are good for the body as it helps them stay slim, fit and healthy. On the other hand, ICG leaders and dealers gathered the crowd to orient them on how they can do a business with CAFE and CHOCO de Manila. People from all walks of life got to experience the taste of the 100% ORGANIC and 100% Filipino-made product. After the pageant, winners and runner-ups took a picture holding the products and took home one box each as a minor prize. ICG is never stopping to promote the product in the Philippine market. As for now, the Marketing Group of the company is tying up with different pageant productions, event coordinators and media networks for CAFE and CHOCO de Manila be known to every Filipino.
Region 2 Mega Center Launching

International Changemakers Group, Inc is starting to invade the nation when it opened up its Mega Center Branch at Cauayan City, Isabela. Last June 30, 2012 people of Isabela were taken by storm when ICG officially launched its proud products CAFE de Manila and CHOCO de Manila in Region 2. The Soft-Launching Event commenced when its very own CEO/President Mr John Paul Peralta and Ms Czarina Dy inaugurated the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. Soon after the office warming and blessing, guests, investors, dealers and leaders proceeded at FLDY Coliseum to witness the Mini-Variety Show Concert featuring some tv personalities, who at the same are the official endorsers of ICG products. The crowd clamoured when comedienne Jinky “Bale” Oda, former Sexbomb member Izzy Trazona and Starstruck 1 avenger Alvin Aragon took the stage to give some laughter and entertainment. The said stars also visited some local radio stations to promote the products and to give awareness to the people of Isabela about the Company’s advocacy to practice healthy lifestyle and how ICG can help through its business programs. Truly, ICG is giving hype to the community as it expands its Mega Centers nationwide. Major things have yet to turn up which each ICG members have to watch out for.